Vitosha 13 Football Academy was founded in 2013 to organize and develop a school for training and competition activities in the field of football, selection and development of young players, and the organization and administration of sports competitions.

The aim of the Academy is to enable all children who love football to play and develop their skills by training not only for health, but also to develop their talent in the football game. And why not turn the most popular sport in their professional career.

Our team is trying to create the best possible training conditions for football, as our goal is quality, not quantity. Therefore each subsequent target is set after reaching the previous one.

Currently our academy recruits training groups covering children and adolescents between 7 and 15 years old. For that purpose we have engaged trainers with recognized prestige, including Sasha Simonovic, Rosen Tanev, Trendafil Terziiski and others.

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    Trendafil Terziiski
    Fitness coach