Vitosha Academy

Vitosha Academy was founded in 2013 and our main aim is to develop children's, youth and amateur sports in Bulgaria. Currently we offer the following sports and services: football, fitness, spa and wellness. The facility is built to the highest international standards in sport.

For each sport that the Academy offers, we provide highly qualified coaches and specialists, as well as equipment and facilities of the highest quality.

The Academy is suitable for both children and adults who want to maintain good physical shape and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Vitosha Academy team has set itself the goal of becoming the leader of sports services in Bulgaria. We try to satisfy all of your needs and answer to all challenges, so that everyone practicing sports can feel at home in our Academy.

Very soon new sports will be added to the Academy's portfolio, which will increase our sports family. In 2016, we are planning to create a mountain bike club and an archery club.

  • icon6.png 774 m At the foot of Vitosha mountain
  • icon5.png 2013 th The beginning
  • icon1.png 2 Football fields
  • icon8.png 2016 th Archery /coming soon/
  • icon10.png 2016 th Mountain bike /coming soon/
  • icon9.png 300 m2 Fitness club
  • 50121363_397807700964150_2272222280098512896_n.jpg 65 seats Restaurant